Wilderness Renewal

Using the environment as a clinical tool

Wilderness Renewal

The wilderness therapy experience for the girls is such a powerful experience in initiating change and helping them get on the path of healing. Wilderness therapies provide opportunities to begin to re-shape how a young woman sees herself and the world around her. The experience can create a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to see herself in a more powerful and self-sufficient light. Often a DRG student will be hitting the therapeutic ground running when transitioning to us from a wilderness therapy setting. With our close location and relationship with RedCliff Ascent DRG can provide the girl and her family opportunity renew her wilderness therapy experience or for that young women that missed out on that opportunity during her journey to DRG. The process of healing can be quite the roller coaster ride for a girl and for her family and at times she may reach an impasse in healing. Wilderness renewal can help your daughter get back on track and bring her back to her wilderness roots.

We own and run one of the largest successful wilderness programs in the country. With over 20 years of experience in wilderness therapy our RedCliff Ascent Wilderness Program is only an hour away from the Discovery Ranch For Girls. This provides a unique opportunity to employ the benefits of a full functioning wilderness program, its experience and success for a short period of time for the girls in our program who choose to have a “wilderness renewal experience”. This type of renewal is usually a fun, but powerful reminder of what the larger wilderness program brought to light in a girl’s life; a path to healing and strength.