The Battle of the Bands Triumph

Months in advance, students from our Discovery Ranch for Girls, Oxbow, Discovery Ranch for Boys, and Discovery Academy programs practice their musical talents in preparation for our yearly Battle of the Bands. With five rounds to woo the judges, each program put together five different band performances.  (For a glimpse of previous Battles go here:

How the Night Went

Everyone met at the Angelus Theatre for the event. It made for a lively night, what with such talent and variety of music. The music selection included classic rock, music from The Greatest Showman, indie, country, pop, and some original music. There was great camaraderie as everyone cheered each other on.


We had the honor of having Matthew Anderson, Bill Lowe, and Kemari Rowlings as our guest judges this year. The judges had the responsibility of choosing the best band, best individual performance, best overall performer, and best original song. The winners would receive Battle of the Bands T-shirts and water flasks, along with a dinner out. The overall winning program would receive the traveling trophy, which was full of candy.

When the judges added up their scores, the numbers were tight for first place, some categories only having a 0.1 difference. With great excitement, our girls waited to hear who the winners were. They were delighted to hear that Discovery Ranch for Girls won two of the categories, with Emma winning best overall performer and Lina winning best original song. From our girl’s great talents, Discovery Ranch for Girls received the highest overall score and was chosen to take home the traveling trophy. It was a triumphant night for our program, and the trophy currently sits proudly on display at Discovery Ranch for Girls schoolhouse.

A great win aside, the Battle of the Bands was a special opportunity for our girls to step out of their comfort zones. By letting the music be their focus, our girls could connect with their peers and freely express themselves. Our girls could see the value of working hard and working together to create worthwhile music for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to next year’s Battle of the Bands and hope to win again!