Spring CoEducational Social Activity

There is nothing quite like watching a gym of teenage boys and girls walk from opposite sides of the room to meet each other. The room filled with excitement, reluctance, and curiosity as the youth played introduction games to learn each other’s names and break the ice. It seemed to make waking up early to pack the vans and drive through winter weather worth the effort for girls and staff alike.

Over the course of the Co-ed retreat, the girls and boys from both Discovery Ranches participated in activities geared toward a huge variety of interests. There was a painting class, pizza buffet social, excursion to extreme air sports (trampolines, obstacle course, climbing wall, and more) indoor park, pickleball, and a humanitarian service project partnered with a local retirement home. On the drive home, the girls were bursting with excitement about new friendships they had formed and the healthy fun experiences they had enjoyed.