We understand how difficult it can be to select the right program for your daughter. An educational consultant can bring a wealth of knowledge to the decision and help guide you and your family to the right program that best fits your daughter’s needs. If you are not already working with an educational consultant, please contact us for their names or referrals, or go to this website:

Zion National Park

We are located near some of the top natural wonders of the world including Zions National Park. To learn more about the area we are located in, please check out our following websites:

Cedar City, Utah
Tuacahn Outdoor Theatre
Tony Award-winning Shakespeare Festival

Brian Head Ski Resort

Talk with Other Parents

If you are interested in speaking with other parents who have girls at the Ranch, please contact one of our admissions directors and we will put you in contact with other parents.

Call us anytime at 855-667-9388.