Eating Meals at Discovery Ranch For Girls

Mindful Meals with Marliett on Mondays Marliett Davis, CSW “Welcome to Mindful Meals with Marliett on Monday!!!” I said as I walked into the dining hall. The girls always burst out into applause and whistling when I do this, it feels like a weekly celebration of mindfulness. The girls always get their meals and a

Exposure Therapy at WalMart

When we struggle with anxiety, can a little exposure therapy help? A student, a store, and the most embarrassing things she could think to ask for… By Marliett Davis Therapist Discovery Ranch for Girls I walked towards my student and said, “Okay, let’s go!” She had no idea where we were going or what we

Through daily experiences and the help of loving mentors and therapists, adoption attachment therapy can happen in many ways at Discovery Ranch for Girls. By Lee Bingham, Equine Director Anna is a student that has suffered unfair trauma that no one of her young impressionable age should ever have to endure. She struggles with attachment

Navigating the icy walkway of adolescence – Winter CoEducational Social By Stephen C. Schultz Author The morning was cool as I made my way across the snow packed driveway. It wasn’t a fresh snow pack, but one that had been there a couple of weeks and was now essentially ice. I stepped through the door