Discovery Ranch for Girl’s Addictive Behaviors Program will provide your daughter with the opportunity to address complex issues, such as substance abuse, trauma, and process addictions (e.g., internet, food, sex, etc…) from multiple modalities. Addictions program director at the ranch, Dr. Sidney Dang calls this approach, “An integrative approach to treatment of Chemical and Process

Sometimes things just happen the way they are supposed to happen. With two phone calls, one quick-thinking mom and a very willing and generous Rachel Platten, Discovery Ranch for Girls enjoyed an on-campus, private concert by this talented musician! What? Private concert with Rachel Platten! by Andrea Burgess – Executive Director Her message and our

When it comes to talking up our teachers or academic program at Discovery Ranch for Girls praise comes easy, however it’s nice every once in a while to receive that praise from outside sources! Our very own Micah Baker, Social Studies Teacher here at Discovery Ranch for Girls, has won the 2015 Employee Service Award

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A Real Life Changing Experience By Suzette McPherson, LCSW Life here at DRG offers so many opportunities for growth and development. I just wanted to share an experience I had with the girls when we went rock climbing. I hope to enlighten you as to what can happen when people allow themselves to be open,