Many of the troubled teens who come to Discovery Ranch for Girls (DRG) have struggled in a conventional school system. That is why school at DRG is different by design. A new Study Skills class at DRG helps students to learn to identify the ways that they learn best. The class also introduces students to

Last week’s entry described the journey of service that some of the young women of Discovery Ranch for Girls (DRG) take each year when they travel to Guatemala. Outdoor Recreation Director, David Mosse plans and supervises these trips. Because of the experience of service and cultural exploration, the girls develop new levels of insight when

By Sarah Yardley   Each year, some of the girls of Discovery Ranch for Girls (DRG) get the unique experience of traveling to Guatemala for seven days. The purpose of this trip is service, cultural exploration, and developing new levels of insight. Outdoor Recreation Director, David Mosse, plans this trip each year. Motivated by the

Love Phase By Maia Christopherson This is the sixth post in a six-post series discussing Discovery Ranch for Girl (DRG) Phases of Change. In this post, we’ll discuss the fifth and final phase: Love. Understanding Your Horse It is a basic truth of horsemanship: the longer you ride, the less you use the reins. The