When teens arrive at Discovery Ranch for Girls (DRG), they often bring with them a lack of motivation. They also bring a low opinion of themselves, and resistance to change. DRG gives them something different. At DRG, they learn to identify and build on their strengths. That is why DRG is successful where other programs

Executive functioning skills help teens with remembering useful information, practicing self-control, and managing their time. Discovery Ranch for Girls (DRG) is a residential treatment center that helps teen girls with a variety of problems, including executive functioning deficits. DRG is not a teen boot camp. It is a residential care program that helps troubled youth

While there are a variety of resources for troubled teens, finding the right ones can be a challenge. It can be especially hard when parents are not sure exactly what problem a teen is facing. Many teens come to DRG with multiple diagnoses. For example, a young woman may have a diagnosis of both emotional

Many of the young women who come to Discovery Ranch for Girls (DRG) come to the school with spotty academic records. These students often have mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or borderline personality traits that make progressing in school difficult for them. During their stay at DRG, most students improve academically, especially in