Soccer Balls, Hope, and Healing

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 by

Soccer Balls, Hope, and Healing By: Rick Haag, English Teaching Assistant and Soccer Coach UNITED IN A COMMON GOAL I have been running (pun intended) the soccer program at Discovery Ranch for Girls (DRG) the past two years. I have witnessed miracles. I look at DRG and have explained it to parents, as a solar

Beginning Jammerz Music Program

Monday, 18 September 2017 by

Music program, “Beginning Jammerz” bringing us together! By: Kaprena Moore Academic Tutor, Beginning Jammerz Club Coach When I was hired on at Discovery Ranch for Girls in April of this year it was with the understanding that, along with my duties as an academic tutor, I would be helping organize and run a more official

Service Trip to Guatemala

Monday, 10 July 2017 by

Bringing some color to another part of the world! OUR SERVICE TRIP TO GUATEMALA – AN EXPERIENCE TO REMEMBER On May 13 an intrepid group of Discovery Ranch for Girls students embarked on a journey to Guatemala City, Guatemala which would reshape their view of their lives and their culture. The trip was multi-faceted and

There is nothing quite like watching a gym of teenage boys and girls walk from opposite sides of the room to meet each other. The room filled with excitement, reluctance, and curiosity as the youth played introduction games to learn each other’s names and break the ice. It seemed to make waking up early to