Performing Arts Program


Introducing Our Performing Arts Program!

The Discovery Ranch for Girls team is excited to announce a new and improved arts program. We have always strived to create many opportunities for our students to participate in and express themselves through art; we are now taking that to a new, more extensive level. Each student is enrolled in a weekly art therapy and music therapy group. Students are also provided with the option of learning a variety of instruments including guitar, piano, ukulele, and drums. They can take part in our dance classes to learn many styles such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. We have fun art club opportunities for our students like our “Jammerz” club and musical theater group. Our girls may also choose to take voice lessons or use our on-campus recording studio.


Students will learn about stage and sound production, theater costumes and makeup, and will also have opportunities to perform and showcase their talents. Four times a year the students put on a variety show for their parents and staff during our parent seminar; they also enjoy competing with some of our sister schools in our version of “Battle of the Bands.” For our students who are especially interested in arts, we offer a “performing arts track” which will add an additional 6-10 hours a week of more advanced arts classes to their schedule. In this time they will learn to compose their own music, write original theatrical productions, and choreograph individual and group dance routines. Our arts program helps our students to express their thoughts and emotions in their own, unique way. We are excited for this positive addition to our program!

Meet our Performing Arts Director, Alex Allred.
Alex Allred is the Performing Arts Director at Discovery Ranch for Girls. He became interested in the performing arts as a teenager in Arizona where he acted as part of a youth theatre group. He has a degree in classical acting from Southern Utah University where he became educated and experienced in Shakespeare, musical theatre, contemporary theatre, directing and design. Since graduating he has worked professionally in Utah and Los Angeles as an actor, musician, and teacher and has recently spent time studying film acting. Throughout his years in the theatre, he has seen how it has shaped him as a person. It has been a way for him to connect, a way to learn to understand the perspectives and experiences of others and a way to work through his own struggles. He is thrilled to have this opportunity to teach what he loves to the girls of discovery ranch.