Parent Portal Login

Use the link below to access the Parent Portal login. You will need to put in the username and password that you received during admissions.

The Parent Portal helps you keep up with the progress your daughter is making at the Ranch. This is a private and secure service provided by BlueStep. Only you and your daughter’s therapist have access to the pictures and information on the parent portal. You can view pictures and videos of your daughter participating in activities at the ranch. We encourage you to take advantage of the resources provided in the parent portal because your involvement helps your daughters as she recovers and progresses.

[blockquote]”One of the main reasons we choose to place our child in your program was because of the parent portal! We felt good about the fact that we weren’t just dropping her off and saying, “here you go!” But, we felt like we were required to work and progress and be involved with her progress and that felt good.”[/blockquote]