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Individualized Residential Treatment

At Discovery Ranch for Girls, your daughter can experience growth and lasting change. During her stay, the program flexes and grows as she grows. Discovery Ranch provides the benefits of individualized treatment while also providing vast amounts of therapeutic opportunities.

Discovery Ranch is a sixty-six acre therapeutic haven that offers healing. DRG-Cabin-Tour-front-room Your daughter can experience a home-like atmosphere along with the opportunity to take advantage of our large campus and professional staff. She will live in a cottage with a small number of other girls. There is 24-hour professional staff to help support your daughter through her therapeutic journey.


Often times, girls will identify themselves with their problems rather than with who she really is without the pathology. At Discovery Ranch, we want your daughter to change from seeing herself as broken and damaged to seeing herself as the strong, unique young woman that she is.

Treatment settings that exclusively address certain diagnosis or clinical issues often create a culture of connecting to pathology. The clinically heterogeneous environment at Discovery Ranch treats a diverse range of therapeutic issues. In this environment, your daughter can let go of her unhealthy identity and instead identify with others and herself based on her strengths. Girls that are treated in a heterogeneous environment are challenged to address the core issues of their unhealthy behaviors instead of just the symptoms. Addressing what is underneath the behavior will create lasting, healthy change.