Life on the Ranch

Discovery Ranch for Girls provides a perfect balance of disconnection and accessibility. There are many therapeutic and recreational opportunities for our girls and their families. The girls have the opportunity to become stable and then begin to transition to a community. 

The Campus

Troubled teens come to the ranch to heal. They come from across the world. Every element of the campus was chosen with healing in mind. When your daughter comes to Discovery Ranch for Girls, she will stay in one of three private homes serve as student dorms.

Each house features a living area, a small kitchen, bedrooms, and baths. She will also have access to the lodge. The lodge features a commercial kitchen, dining area, and game room. There is also a theater room, an indoor pool, and a sauna. Your daughter will be able to relax as she recovers in this peaceful environment.

Your daughter will attend school in a waterfront building. There are beautiful views of the mountains to the east and the water area to the northwest.

There are many places for your daughter to explore on the 66-acre closed campus.  Your daughter can practice riding and equine therapy. The campus includes stables and a riding arena.  She can relax on the putting green. Or she might prefer to relax by a waterfall with a man-made pond stocked with native fish. 

Discovery Ranch for Girls campus

The Students

Rachel Platten autograph Discovery Ranch

Young women come to Discovery Ranch for Girls for a variety of different reasons. They have a variety of different therapeutic needs. Settings that only focus on one issue risk confusing the person with their diagnosis. Teens are challenged to address their core issues.  Addressing what is underneath the behavior will create lasting, healthy change.

In this environment, your daughter can let go of her unhealthy identity. She will learn that she is more than her diagnosis. She will discover the strong, unique woman that she is inside. 

Residential Living

While our facility provides lots of fun activities, each one plays a role in the therapy process. Residential living is a critical part of our experiential, action-oriented therapy approach. Caring, professional staff members are available to support your daughter 24-hours a day. 

Everyone works together to create an environment where girls feel safe. More than that, they are respected and supported. Discovery Ranch for Girls has a four-to-one ratio of students to staff. The emphasis is not on managing behaviors. Instead, the focus is on building positive relationships that inspire change. Residential activities reinforce what students are learning. 


The Community

Rachel Platten concert at Discovery Ranch for Girls

Cedar City is approximately 10 minutes from the ranch. It is a college town with more than 30,000 people. Cedar City offers recreational and therapeutic opportunities. For example, there is access to art festivals and academic events. 

The Utah Shakespeare Festival takes place in Cedar City. Each summer and fall the festival draws lovers of Shakespeare and theater from around the world. The festival features famous and lesser-known plays by the Bard. There are also modern plays by a variety of different playwrights. The Utah Shakespeare Festival also offers many different classes. People can come to learn about topics like stage combat or designing scenery. 

Young women from Discovery Ranch for Girls have both attended the plays and classes offered at the festival. To take part in events like this, young women must be level appropriate. 

Your daughter will be blocks away from hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and repelling. This is because southern Utah has some of the world’s most unique geography. 

Bryce Canyon National Park is located near Cedar City. The park features unique geography. For example, the world’s largest collection of hoodoos, or irregularly eroded rock spires, is located in Bryce Canyon.  

Cedar Breaks National Monument is also located near Cedar City. This geographic formation looks like an amphitheater. This national monument stretches across three miles. It is also more than 20,000 feet deep.

The Right Place

Discovery Ranch for Girls is the right place for your daughter to experience lasting change. She will have the opportunity to take advantage of the large campus. She will live in a cottage with a small number of other girls.

While all the girls have come to the ranch to heal, they won't necessarily share the same diagnosis. This encourages girls to make connections based on their strengths, not their diagnosis.

When your daughter is ready, she will be able to enjoy all the activities that the wider community has to offer with the support of caring, well-trained staff members. 

To schedule a tour of our campus or to ask any questions, feel free to call our admissions department at 855-667-9388.