Health II and our Healthy Living Group

Health II and Healthy Living Group

Group Description:

The Health II and Healthy Living Group is designed to assist with social skills building, while also meeting some of the Utah State Health II requirements and standards.

This group takes place at the school and is done with a certified teacher in the room. It places an emphasis on Health II requirements that involve self-concept and relationship issues that can lead to unhealthy behaviors.

In the Life Skills group, the group will help the students practice positive communication skills while at the same time discussing sensitive topics. The overall objective of this group is to help the students:

  • develop strategies for healthy self-concept;
  • strategies to enhance mental and emotional health;
  • strategies to help create and maintain healthy relationships;
  • strategies to assess and respond to harassment and violent behavior;
  • strategies to appropriately, safely and responsibly use technology;
  • strategies for having safe and healthy intimate relationships;
  • and strategies to recognize mental illnesses.

This group is intended to for students at the beginning of their (2) duty phase. The group/class structure will usually follow the structure of a 5 part lesson plan. A five part lesson plan includes (1) an anticipatory set that covers previous knowledge to tie into the new lesson, (2) the introduction of new material, (3) a guided discussion or practice of the information, (4) a class led discussion of the new information, and (5) a closing activity that checks for student understanding of the material presented.