Treatment based on the same gender allows girls to more effectively meet their therapeutic needs.

Discovery Ranch For Girls provides a supportive and safe environment for young women. Through this environment, girls can heal. Same-gender treatment helps create an environment for girls to effectively address their therapeutic needs without distractions.


Focusing on the Needs of Teen Girls

Teenage girls experience mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues differently than boys. Girls often have different reasons for engaging in unhealthy behavior.

Boys and girls also have different developmental needs. Girls usually mature cognitively and emotionally faster than boys. They also have a different level of interpersonal drive and need than boys.

At Discovery Ranch for Girls, the needs and unique experiences of teen girls are the main focus.

Building Relationships

The school uses relational techniques and interventions to help your daughter make the necessary changes needed to be successful. She will have the chance to develop healthy relationships with peers, professionals, and family during our treatment.

The ability to form healthy attachments to other girls is key to their success. Having the opportunity to develop these close relationships allows our girls to forge caring bonds of accountability and support.

Here at the ranch, your daughter can safely learn to hold boundaries and effectively be assertive with her female peers.

Hybrid Co-educational Program

Discovery Ranch for Girls works closely with Discovery Ranch for Boys. When clinically appropriate, your daughter will be able to participate in supervised activities with members of the other program.

These events can build social and relational strength. They are monitored under safe conditions and are organized with a focus on building positive therapeutic outcomes.