Experiential Therapy

Approaching Change the Right Way

Experiential therapy puts therapy into action. Parents and consultants choose Discovery Ranch for Girls when they are looking for residential therapy with more than just an office-only approach to counseling.

Experience the Difference in Therapy at the Ranch

For experiential therapy, girls engage in activities every day that we plan with a specific clinical outcome. It’s more than just filling time. It’s creating clinical opportunities out of common – and not so common – activities.

Many Discovery Ranch experiential activities have a recreational component to them. We build some of our activities around what appears to be ordinary living and working tasks. We structure each activity to help our girls practice specific clinical skills.

Developing the Strength to Overcome

At Discovery Ranch for Girls, students take safe risks they might have never experienced. When they’re on the climbing wall or in the round corral, there’s no place to hide. Helping girls face their fears helps them discover their strengths.

An experiential activity rooted in trust becomes a life-long memory. Clinicians draw on those emotionally charged experiences for in-the-moment therapy, as well as future counseling sessions. As students and clinicians share these experiences, they build positive relationships. This network of therapeutic relationships includes more than just the girl’s clinician. Horse professionals, teachers, residential, and recreational staff extend the impact of therapy through action.

There’s another benefit to moving students out of their comfort zones and into untried activities. Girls discover new interests to compete with their old behavior patterns. As their confidence and skill level grow, so does their determination to overcome their challenges.


I think she’s now learned what truly makes her happy and unhappy, and how her own behavior impacts her own long-term happiness. That is a huge change, and it’s had a very favorable impact on how we interact with each other.