Equine Therapy

Horses Helping Heal from Kinzie Robins on Vimeo.

Equine TherapyAt Discovery Ranch for Girls, your daughter will have the unique opportunity to participate in our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy course. Using horses in a therapeutic setting offers students opportunities to learn about themselves and others. The girls work with the horses to accomplish certain tasks with specific rules. The girls choose their own consequence if they break the rules. At the completion of each task, the girls discuss the thoughts and feelings that they had as they worked with the animals.

The Benefits of Equine Therapy

Equine TherapyGirls overcome fears and develop confidence from working with horses. Because horses can respond to the emotional state of those working with them, and because of their size and strength, this type of therapy encourages girls to accomplish a task in the face of fears and doubts. Girls develop the confidence and tools to overcome the challenges they are dealing with in life situations no matter how large or intimidating.

While working with horses, students recognize and talk about what emotions they are experiencing. Often times, when a horse becomes difficult to work with and does not seem to respond well to the student, a discussion can lead to empathy towards parents and leaders who may have had similar frustrations working with a difficult teenager.

Horses Advance the Therapeutic Process

Equine TherapyCompared to traditional sit-down therapy, our experiential therapy helps students bring issues to the surface more quickly. This leads to more success in recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. Opportunities to regulate emotions and recognize emotional triggers leads to faster improvement and future success.

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