Equine Therapy Helps Teens Overcome Treatment Resistance and Enables Them to Engage in Treatment

Your daughter will have the opportunity to take part in Equine Therapy. Many troubled teens are resistant to treatment. Equine Therapy helps to break down barriers.

Horses are social animals. Like people, horses respond well to compassionate, assertive behavior. But horses react to fear or aggression by becoming skittish. The way horses respond to your daughter is a valuable teaching tool. It can help your daughter to recognize emotions she might not be aware of. Therapists can also learn from the way that your daughter interacts with the horses.

In Equine Therapy, the girls have a task to complete. They also have to follow specific rules. The task itself is less important than the teamwork and problem-solving skills involved. The girls themselves decide the consequences for breaking rules. After they complete the task, the girls discuss their thoughts and feelings. They talk about what they learned from the experience.

The Benefits of Equine Therapy

Horses respond to a girl's emotional state. While working with horses, girls learn to recognize the emotions they are feeling. Working with the horses helps the girls to overcome their fears and build confidence.

Working with horses can also help girls to develop empathy. For example, if a horse becomes difficult to work with this will lead to a discussion. Trying to guide a difficult horse can be like trying to guide a difficult teen. So, these discussions can lead to empathy towards parents and other adults.

Also, because horses are large, some girls find them intimidating. Therapists work with girls to overcome their apprehensiveness. Girls develop emotional coping skills. The skills they develop not only help with Equine Therapy but other challenges. Girls learn to deal with life situations no matter how large or intimidating.


Horses Advance the Therapeutic Process

Equine Therapy helps bring issues to the surface faster than traditional sit-down therapy. This leads girls to have more success in recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. The opportunities they have to practice emotional regulation lead to faster improvement.

Moreover, girls remember experiences in a more profound way than simple conversations. This means the experience they have in Equine Therapy leaves a lasting impression. This contributes to girls' future successes.

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