Calf Program

CalfProgramBambiOne of the most rewarding programs you’ll find at the Ranch is our feeder calf program. In this program, your daughter can develop empathy, responsibility, and love for her calf, which can translate into similar characteristics among family and friends.

Adoption Opportunity with Orphaned Calves

When the girls first arrive at the Ranch, they will have the opportunity to adopt a newborn dairy calf that was orphaned in order to allow the mother to produce milk for the dairy industry. The calves are usually around a day old and are completely dependent upon the student in order to survive. This dependency helps foster a bond between the calf and its new owner. The calves bond right away to their new mother and must be fed a milk replacement twice a day, which helps the girls to think outside of themselves and care for another.

Developing Love Through Servicecalfprogram3

Many of our girls have shared how the calf program helped them experience love through giving and receiving. Some of our girls have expressed their innate desire to help the calves survive and thrive. This labor of love helps them develop responsibility and purpose as they care for their calves no matter the weather.

Overcoming Self-Centered Attitudes

Girls develop their self-esteem as they help their calves survive and thrive on a daily basis. Through sacrifice and service, our girls feel empathy, which helps diminish their selfish and self-centered habits and attitudes. Our girls feel a sense of accomplishment and the develop the ability to put other’s needs before their own. This becomes a major part of their maturing and development at the Ranch.

Relationships and TransitionsCalfProgram2

Calves are usually large enough to be transferred to area ranchers at about four months. Occasionally though, a baby calf will not survive the initial stages of development, or even very long after birth. This gives girls an opportunity to understand grief and loss in a safe environment. Our girls can grow and learn to apply this understanding to relationships and transitions.pict3-calf-program

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