Beginning Jammerz Music Program

Music program, “Beginning Jammerz” bringing us together!

By: Kaprena Moore
Academic Tutor, Beginning Jammerz Club Coach

When I was hired on at Discovery Ranch for Girls in April of this year it was with the understanding that, along with my duties as an academic tutor, I would be helping organize and run a more official version of the music program, “Jammerz”. I had no idea what this was going to look like but I was nonetheless excited. Very few things are as fun to me as playing music!

To make a long story short, I wound up heading up a new elective class we named “Beginning Jammerz” which consists of mostly newer girls to the school who have little or no formal musical background. However, many of them sing and are interested in learning an instrument. We mostly spend our time drilling basic guitar and/or ukulele chords and practicing correct breathing and posture while singing. The music we work on is selected by the class so we end up playing a lot of One Direction and Justin Beiber. Only the Classiest. 😉

A few months ago we started preparing for the Parent Seminar which was coming up. The girls were eager to see their parents and excited to perform in the 2 slots we were given in the variety show program. As the show date got closer and rehearsals became more urgent, I assumed it would become clear who was most dedicated to Beginning Jammerz based on who prioritized practice time and remained most focused during class. To my surprise, nearly all my sweet girls doubled down on practice, arrived on time consistently, and sang/played their tender hearts out in every rehearsal in the weeks leading up to the show. Girls who normally struggled to get along became peaceful teammates engaged in a common cause. Some of the (*ahem*) slightly snarkier girls worked harder to bite their tongues and withhold criticism so as to not dishearten the group. Some of my more experienced girls began teaching and mentoring the less experienced peers without being asked. There truly seemed to be a genuine spirit of sisterhood emerging among the class. The energy kept growing and their final performance did not disappoint.


Sitting front and center in the audience during our number “Hallelujah”, I saw the beaming smiles on the girls’ faces (we really had to practice that!) and the furrowed brows of our deeply concentrated instrumentalists, and it was clear they were each giving every ounce of spirit they had. I couldn’t help but glow with pride at how far they had come and how hard they had worked. They all looked and sounded wonderful! I wished their parents could know the investment their daughters had made! Maybe… hopefully… a few of you are reading this now so I can tell you what I was thinking then:

Your daughters in Beginning Jammerz have been the highlight of my job since day one. They are a delight to teach! Their spirits are each unique. I wouldn’t trade my time with them for anything in the world! You should be proud.

Kaprena Moore