Battle of the Bands

Although we are a single-gender residential treatment program for girls, we do have opportunities for the girls to experience co-ed (co-educational) activities with our sister programs including Discovery Ranch for Boys located in Mapleton, Ut. One particularly fun co-ed activity is the Battle of The Bands!

Here are a few photos of the most recent Battle of the Bands that brought together a bunch of bands, some great talent and a whole lot of smiles!




“Cheering for your school friends and catching a glimpse of the competition can bring the girls together and give them an opportunity to practice social skills and challenge emotional and behavioral traits they have learned while at Discovery Ranch for Girls” DRG staff

The Battle of The Bands is fast becoming a regular event and bringing out more talent as time goes on! Bringing home the trophy for the best band or performance is an honor that all celebrate upon the return home from the event. As an experiential program, it is our goal to provide experiences that can enhance treatment and encourage therapeutic opportunities. The Battle of The Bands event is only one example of a great activity the girls enjoy designed to facilitate therapy. All of the normally expected emotions that come from performing, interacting with new friends and faces both female and male, and the anticipation and preparation for the event provide many great opportunities for therapist and students to evaluate and improve their life skills!