Addictive Behaviors Program – The Value of Individualized and Customized Treatment

Discovery Ranch for Girl’s Addictive Behaviors Program will provide your daughter with the opportunity to address complex issues, such as substance abuse, trauma, and process addictions (e.g., internet, food, sex, etc…) from multiple modalities. Addictions program director at the ranch, Dr. Sidney Dang calls this approach, “An integrative approach to treatment of Chemical and Process Addictions.”

Addition TreatmentSmall white caps rippled across the water as the breeze billowed in from the west. The soft yet determined “quack quack” from a Mallard hen let the girls know she was looking for a handout.

For Amber and her fellow students at Discovery Ranch for Girls, this walk along the banks of “The Lake” represented a treatment routine that was not only familiar now, but relished. They were on their way to addictions group.

Addictions group may not sound fun to most, but for Amber and the others, it represented an opportunity to discuss some of the hurt feelings, miscommunication and damaged relationships that often accompany addictive behaviors. Some of the girls have struggled with substances while others have struggled with eating disorders and yet others with unhealthy promiscuous behavior.

At Discovery Ranch for Girls, we believe that it is unrealistic to have a one size fits all model to address our girls’ difficulties. Every individual brings their own unique history, culture, environment, and experiences, which is played out in different ways.

For this reason, Discovery Ranch individualizes the treatment opportunities for each girl and meets them where they are at clinically. You can read more about this unique therapeutic opportunity by following the links below:

Discovery Ranch For Girls Addictions Group

(Adapted from Seeking Safety, an evidence-based model of treatment for individuals impacted by substance abuse and traumatic experiences.)

Discovery Ranch For Girls 12 Steps Group

(Adapted from the 12 Steps Program, which was developed in the 1930’s and in compiled of 12 guiding principles to help individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction to move towards recovery.)

I addition to group therapy, individual, supplemental counseling for your daughter is available from our licensed Advance Substance Counselor, Cindy Shrum. With her many years of experience, she provides the support and knowledge needed to help the girls with their addictive behaviors.

About Dr. Sidney Dang:
Dr Sidney Dang Therapist
Dr. Sidney Dang received his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois. Over the years, he has provided psychological services in a variety of settings including schools, residential treatment facilities, non-profit organizations, partial and inpatient hospital, outpatient, and home settings. Sidney has extensive training in many areas and, as a result, has presented at professional conferences on the adolescent subjective experience of treatment needs in residential treatment. He also has a special interest in culturally sensitive approaches to therapy, including utilizing music and hip-hop as a therapeutic intervention to help empower youth to explore their difficulties and reflect on their experiences from a critical lens. His clinical and research interests include child trauma, multiculturalism, community violence, substance abuse, and critical psychology. You can learn more about Dr. Dang and his background on our main staff page here.

About Cindy Shrum:
Cindy Shrum Advanced Substance Abuse Counselor
Cindy is our very own licensed Advance Substance Counselor with over 23 years of experience. She has worked with many individuals and various programs over the years designing the right approach/program to fit the individual needs of those she served. You can learn more about Cindy and her training and certifications on the main staff page here.