Addictive Behavior Program

Addiction Treatment art

Your daughter can address complex issues such as substance abuse, trauma, and process addictions (e.g., internet, food, sex, etc.) through our Addictive Behavior Program for troubled girls.

An Integrative Approach to Treatment

It is unrealistic to have a one-size-fits-all model, since every girl brings their own unique history, culture, and experiences. Because of this, we take a developmental approach to meet your daughter where she is. We strive to provide our girls with treatments supported in evidence and being sensitive to the particulars of each family.

Seeking Safety

Our Addiction Behavior Program is adapted from Seeking Safety, an evidence-based model of treatment for individuals impacted by substance abuse and traumatic experiences. The main principles include safety, treating substance abuse and trauma, focusing on positive ideals, and providing themes from multiple perspectives (cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal). Our group meets each girl where they are. We help girls see how their issues impact their interpersonal interactions. We give our girls the tools to address substance abuse and trauma.

The Benefits of Seeking Safety

Due to its balance of structure and flexibility, Seeking Safety integrates seamlessly into each girl’s individualized treatment plans. Each treatment topic gives girls opportunities to discuss, learn, and refine their interpersonal skills in a group setting. Each session comes with a worksheet outlining the week’s concept that our girls can always refer back to. Because safety is the cornerstone of this program, we create a warm, supportive environment to discuss the complexities surrounding the difficulties in substance abuse, trauma, and addictive behaviors.

12 Step Education

The 12 Steps Group is adapted from the 12 Steps Program, which is a nationally recognized program built on twelve guiding principles to help individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction to move towards recovery. This approach has been modified to address a variety of issues related substance abuse and dependency issues. At Discovery Ranch for Girls, your daughter can share her difficult experiences and find support with peers. Guided by a professional with experience in the 12 Steps modality, we help our girls as they recover.

Individual Counseling

We provide addictive behavior counseling for troubled teens. Your daughter can have individual counseling focused on substance abuse issues from our licensed Advance Substance Counselor, Cindy Shrum. Cindy provides education and support to help girls address their addictive behaviors.

Addiction Program Director

Dr. Sidney Dang, our Addictions Program Director, recognizes the complexities surrounding substance abuse, addictive behaviors, and mental health. He devotes himself to balancing an evidence-informed approach and the multicultural experience. In addition to providing services from multiple modalities, Discovery Ranch for Girls’ addiction program challenges girls to use critical thinking in their treatment. Each girl explores different ways of coping as well as interventions in preventing negative experiences. Critical thinking strategies help teens resist unhealthy influences by their peers. This increases their opportunity for sobriety and the development of a healthy lifestyle.

If you have additional questions, feel free to call our admissions department anytime at 855-667-9388.