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Accreditation and licensing organizations license, certify, and accredit Discovery Ranch for Girls. Additionally, our teachers, therapists, clinicians, and staff have received licenses or certifications in areas specific to your daughter’s needs.

Discovery Academy Education Services services and Northwest Accreditation Commission/AdvancED accredits our education program. We meet all Utah State Office of Education requirements. Discovery Ranch for Girls’ equine experiential programs are managed and run by professional horsemen/EGALA certified professional equine therapists and processes. Our staff professional chef runs our culinary experiential. On our board of directors, we have the current President of NATSAP and the current President of the Utah Regional NATSAP chapter.

To learn more about our licensing and or accreditation, feel free to call our admissions department at 855-667-9388.

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logo3 Northwest Accreditation Commission / AdvancED

Our main accreditation commission.

DiscoveryAcademyColorLogo230x122 Our sister program Discovery Academy manages our accreditation programs.

NATSAP We are a MEMBER of the NATSAP programs


logo We are certified to work with international students as well!

logo– – Equine Therapy certification body.