Excellence Through Education

At Discovery Ranch, you don't have to worry about choosing therapy over academics. We do both. We believe that academics and therapy go hand-in-hand. With our small, nurturing learning communities, girls are able to catch up, keep up, and even surpass their peers who are in traditional learning environments.

Our academic program operates under the direction of our sister company, Discovery Academy. Discovery Academy is accredited by the Northwest Accredited Commission. Our course curriculum meets all Utah State Office of Education requirements. All students receive an official academic transcript when they leave Discovery Ranch. Their credits readily transfer to other schools or programs. Girls can even choose to earn their high school diploma while at the Ranch.

Academic Advantages

At Discovery Ranch, therapeutic healing and academic excellence are connected. Our girls have all the benefits of small classes and seasoned, credentialed teachers.

One teacher and aide typically teach a class of four to twelve girls. Since our teachers don't have to divide their attention among thirty or more students like at other schools, individualized attention is an every day occurrence.

Discovery Ranch teachers are licensed educators endorsed by the Utah State Office of Education. Each teacher teaches in their specific subject of specialization.

Every girl enrolls in courses according to her own progress and needs. We encourage our girls to work at their own optimum pace. They receive one-on-one help along the way until confidence and skill development enables more independent learning.

Discovery Ranch academics employs a unique blend of one-on-one help, independent study, direct teaching, and experiential learning to ensure that each girl gets the most out of what she learns. Each week, the Academic Department prepares a hands-on (usually off-campus) learning experience that correlates with in-class learning. This allows girls to make academic connections to real life topics in ways not normally possible to make in a classroom.

Individualized Learning

At Discovery Ranch, the academic experience begins with a custom learning plan developed for each girl by the academic director in cooperation with the student, her parents, and her therapist. This learning plan outlines specific academic goals and strategies to achieve them. Our competency based learning model allows girls to move quickly through subjects where they excel and spend more time in subjects where they may be struggling.

Discovery Ranch educators use a combination of teaching styles that include direct teaching, note taking, one-on-one interactions, and academic experiential activities. Students must demonstrate an 80% competency score on each chapter before being allowed to proceed to the next. It’s the perfect learning environment for girls who may struggle academically.

For students who need more challenging course work, we have an Advanced Placement program to help girls expand their learning.


“The tutors were very valuable. Not just academically, but as role models and just sounding boards!”

“We had tried everything we could try. We owed it to her to try something completely different.”

If you have any questions, feel free to call our admissions department at 855-667-9388.