About Us: Discovery Ranch for Girls Helps Teens 13–17

Discovery Ranch for Girls has been helping families like yours. You will be an active participant in healing your family. You will not be alone. You and your family will have the support of well-trained staff and caring therapists.

While your daughter is at the ranch, she will have the full support of an entire clinical team. The team includes accredited teachers, licensed therapists, and other staff members. Team members will help your daughter by building healthy relationships.

The daily experiential activities she takes part in will help her to recover. These activities are more memorable than in-office therapy. While she is learning and growing at the ranch, you will be learning and growing too.

You will have weekly therapy phone calls. You will also complete assignments that parallel the work your daughter is doing. When your daughter is ready to leave, your family will be prepared for her successful return.

Combining experiential therapy and family-focused activities has allowed Discovery Ranch for Girls to help many families. Find out more about our program. Decide for yourself if we can help yours.

We understand that you are trusting us with your family's future. Each member of the team was chosen for their compassion, experience, and skills.

You need to know that the people who help your daughter are people that you can trust. Take a few minutes to get to know our team. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us for more information.