Girls Only?


One of the cornerstones of Discovery Ranch For Girls is a supportive and safe environment. Through this environment healing can occur. Discovery Ranch For Girls believes that same gender treatment is vital in creating an environment for young women to effectively address their therapeutic needs without the distractions of the opposite sex. Research indicates and our clinical experience has taught us that teenage girls experience mental health issues differently than boys. The causes of emotional and behavioral difficulties are also different for boys and girls. Girls often have different reasons for engaging in maladaptive coping strategies that lead to treatment. Discovery Ranch For Girls believes an all female treatment setting allows the whole program to focus and address the specific needs of young women. Teenage boys and girls have different clinical needs. At Discovery Ranch For Girls we are aware of these differences and we address the each individual. Adolescent boys and girls also have different developmental needs. Girls have a tendency to mature cognitively and emotionally faster than their counter parts. In our clinical experience, girls are more relationally motivated. Girls have a different level of interpersonal drive and needs than boys. Discovery Ranch For Girls relational approach best meets their clinical needs. We use relational techniques and interventions that will help your daughter make the necessary changes needed to be successful. Teenage girls are typically more motivated by relationships so their relationships with peers, professionals, and family are frequently utilized in their treatment.

A same gender treatment setting will giving young women the best chance at recovery. Most of the girls that reside at Discovery Ranch For Girls struggle with maintaining healthy and supportive relationships with other girls. A young woman’s ability to form healthy close attachments to other girls is key to her success. Having the opportunity to develop close relationships allows girls to forge caring bonds of accountability and support. Discovery Ranch For Girls helps young women develop and maintain close healthy relationship with her female peers that will be vital to her success when she returns home. So often young women lack the skills to forge long lasting relationships with other girls. Discovery Ranch For Girls is an environment where your daughter can safely learn to hold boundaries and effectively be assertive with her female peers. Discovery Ranch For Girls peer leadership program plays a large role in creating opportunities for the young women to develop and apply leadership skills among her peers.

In addition to our girls only program, we have a thriving boys program in Mapleton, UT. The boys program has had much success and continues to grow and serve in a great way those who attend. For those young men and young women whom their parents and therapists deem appropriate and ready, there are co-ed-hybrid activities and or events that can build social and relational strength among those who participate. These events are monitored under safe conditions and are organized with a therapeutic outcome as a result. You can learn more about the boys only program by visiting their website at: