Clinical Services

Thank you for your interest in clinical services at Discovery Ranch for girls. Discovery Ranch offers a sophisticated therapy program designed for girls who may struggle with self-harm, eating disorders, trauma, or a variety of other emotional and behavioral problems.

The Discovery Ranch treatment model is built on relationships. We see each girl from a strength-based perspective. Our goal is to help them see themselves in the same light.
We help girls learn the life skills they will need to be happy, productive adults. This includes understanding the importance of work, achieving academic success, and building an emotional “toolbox” with specific Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or DBT, strategies. Girls learn how to use these tools as a way to understand their problems and identify positive solutions.
Discovery Ranch has created a peer leadership program to give girls a chance to develop real-world work and leadership skills as part of the therapy experience. Girls learn how to use leadership and communication skills while they practice healthy relationship techniques.

Discovery Ranch clinicians are; licensed therapists, each with masters or doctoral degrees. They have worked with young women in a variety of treatment settings over many years.
Our program works, in part, because it focuses on developing positive relationships with experiential therapy and learning situations. Each therapist participates with the girls on his/her caseload in activities that may include equine, ropes courses, and other hands-on emotionally charged activities.
These activities move girls out of their comfort zone and into a “real time” therapy situation. Therapists process with the student how she is feeling at the moment she is experiencing anxiety, trust, success, or other powerful emotions. The ranch environment creates almost unlimited opportunities for this kind of experiential therapy.
We recognize girls transitioning from other programs have often made therapeutic progress that deserves to be recognized and rewarded. These young women typically start their therapy experience at the Ranch on a higher trust level with more privileges.


“Your program only continues to get better. I do love that you take on the most complex cases and never give up on these challenging kids. Your clinical staff is top notch.” – L. (consultant)

“There’s lots of communication between me and the therapist.”

“I left the ranch with cell numbers for everyone I’d talked with. They have been very accessible.”

Explore our website or call our admissions department at 855-667-9388 for more information.
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