Patented AssessmentEffective and accurate pictureof where your daughter is therapeutically

Patented Teen Help Assessment

One of the best tools to determine how we can help your daughter is the patented teen help assessment. The results from the assessment have helped many parents understand where their teen stands compared to other young adults, which program they will benefit most from and how to start setting up a treatment plan that can have lasting effects.

Each struggling teen is dealing with a diverse number of problems unique to themselves. We can offer hope and a base starting point towards progression and healing by matching your daughter to a therapeutic treatment plan that is customized to fit their strengths, struggles and weaknesses.

As you begin the assessment, please answer the questions as accurately as you can. We are happy to send you the results via email; however, we have found that telephone interaction and discussion can be far more insightful and helpful as one of our professionals will answer any questions you may have about the results. We respect your privacy and NEVER share your contact information.

To speak with an admissions counselor call 7 days a week, 855-667-9388

Daryn Reiner Admissions DirectorDaryn Reiner – Admissions Director
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If you prefer to have us email you the assessment or if you have any questions
regarding this evaluation please contact us directly at 435-865-9574